Insight into customer behaviour

Helping a start-up convert transactional data into useful marketing information


Qlever is an innovative start-up. It allows retailers to send relevant and personal advertisements based on the profiles of existing and potential customers. It uses transactional data from cash-registers, which is collected using an app. For the retailer's clients, the app integrates existing loyalty cards into one universal digital card.

Landscape is Qlever's partner in transforming huge amounts of transactional data into meaningful knowledge.

Landscape designed and created a dashboard that intuitively displays critical information, such as revenue, to retailers. The retailer can break down revenue per product, product category, month, season, sex, age, and much more. The dashboard also gives insight into the retailers typical client: if they are male or female, how old that client is, where they live and how much they spend.

The dashboard web app is created with the latest web-based technologies. It is built around the Angular framework, using i.a. NodeJS. The web app is completely responsive.

The retailer dashboard we built for Qlever

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