Visualisation of a complex algorithm


The Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) is a large academic hospital that is part of Leiden University. They developed the Mutalyzer algorithm, which checks the description of DNA sequence variants during genetic testing . Genes can be as long as 250 million base pairs, making it hard to comprehend how the sequence variants relate to each other.

LUMC approached Landscape to visualise sequence variants in the Mutalyzer algorithm. Jointly, Landscape and LUMC developed a web app that can be used by researchers to more easily interpret the essence of the mutations in DNA.

To do so, Landscape created an animation for demonstration purposes, where you see the mutations on the DNA occur one by one. Techniques that were used include Durandal, NodeJS and D3.js.

Landscape also freshened up the Mutalyzer's website design, using Bootstrap. Both the demonstration and the website are fully responsive.

Mutalyzer dna animation

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