Inspired by data

Discover what data can mean for your organisation and explore great ideas in the Big Data Workshop.

A great place to get started

We've seen time and again that it can be difficult to start using (big) data. The best first step, as we have found, is to collect the thoughts and ideas you and your colleagues have, and together uncover new possibilities. Our method is designed to do just this.

  • Gather opportunities
  • Identify possible challenges
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Work on team acceptance

Working with a card game stimulates creativity

To help participants to think in big data terms, we work with an intuitive deck of cards which we developed ourselves. The card game structures the possibilities and stimulates creativity.

Each card describes one data set and explains the possibilities and consequences of working with that data set. Concepts such as structuredness, personal data, and costs are explained in detail.

Example card
Example case

Solving deer overpopulation with big data

One of our sample cases is called ‘deer overpopulation’ and involves mapping the deer population in the Netherlands and appropriately dealing with overpopulation. While using only animal friendly measures, it is difficult to locate these deer and prevent hindrances they cause. How can the park service (Staatsbosbeheer) utilise big data to monitor and predict the behaviour and location of the deer in the Netherlands without causing them unnecessary harm?

A group participating in the workshop

Data sources

Staatsbosbeheer has a unique data source available to them: extensive data on the family trees of deer in the Netherlands. Aside from this data source, there are various public and private data sources that can be used, such as weather predictions, drone images, thermal cameras, and road traffic information.


A first step that gives immediate results

Spot opportunities

One of the most difficult challenges with big data is spotting the opportunities; it takes both creativity and in-depth knowledge of company processes. The card game enhances both.

Generate support

Without sufficient support from within your organisation, a big data project will be of little use. By coming up with ideas together with colleagues, broader support is created.

Improve data quality

In an accomplished data chain, multiple colleagues work together to maintain a high quality of data. This workshop will help colleagues discover their role in the chain, and how they can help improve the data quality.


The big data workshop can be used to expand the skill set of a team, to inspire management, or as a team building exercise. You’ll work on the following:

  • Yield a clear overview of specific and appropriate business cases for big data
  • Stimulate a healthy, critical attitude
  • Work on employee acceptance and bring technique and business closer to each other

Perhaps you’re already much beyond these steps?

That’s great! Discover our other services that can support your business, or plan your next project with our Data Solutions Workshop.

The workshop takes (usually) 1,5 to 4 hours and is suitable for a broad audience. Usually there are 5 – 15 participants and we’ll solve one or two cases.

These cases are inspiring examples of how data is used in other organisations. Which one we’ll work on, will be chosen in consultation with you.

A few weeks in advance we’ll discuss with you what direction you believe your organisation should be heading, what problems you’re facing and which data-related ideas you may have. Based on this information, we’ll choose the most appropriate cases and datasets. We can include datasets that are specific to your organisation.

For everyone! Well… almost everyone. :)

The big data workshop is accessible and interesting for everyone in the organisation, regardless of prior experience with (big) data.

What’s more: the workshop is most effective when the participants are a diverse group that represent many disciplines from within the organisation.

In our experience:

  • For business and IT
  • For optimists and pessimists (indeed: if both are present, we’ll achieve the best results)
  • Definitely for everyone who is (strategically) involved with data already.

That’s great! We can help in all stages of working with data.

If you are interested in following a workshop but want to make thinks more specific, our Data Solutions Workshop might better suit your needs. Or take a look at our other services that can support your business.