From idea to action

You know there are opportunities for data in your organisation, but how do you get started? Jumpstart your ideas with the Data Solutions Workshop.

Tried and tested method

We know how to get ahead with data

We know exactly which problems you face when wanting to implement a data idea in your organisation. From uncertainty regarding the technical feasibility to valid privacy concerns. With our tried and tested method good ideas are turned into specific actions.

  • Enhance your idea
  • Develop the business case
  • Take away privacy concerns
  • Take stock of data sources
  • Test the data quality

Use the expertise of your team

In the Data Solutions Workshop you’ll spend part of a day with your colleagues to improve and shape the opportunities for data. We’ll work out your existing case (or multiple cases), and match it with data sources from within and outside of your organisation.

Our intuitive card game (developed by us), helps to structure the many options. While playing, you’ll have an extensive look at aspects such as privacy, costs and accessibility of available data.

Example card

Achieve tangible results

After the workshop you’ll have a complete solution design: a worked-out design of your case, including an action plan:

  • Business case
  • Required first steps
  • Suitable data sources & information model
  • Support with participants
  • How to handle pitfalls

With this solution design you can rapidly progress towards the next step: a proof of concept or pilot.


Data offers a lot of opportunity, but perhaps you’re facing one of these problems?

  • No business case
  • Privacy concerns
  • Which (external) datasets are available
  • Data quality is possibly too low
  • Lack of urgency

Don’t the let these be reasons to shelve a good idea!

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Aren’t there any ideas yet in your organisation for using data? Then why not create some with our Big Data Workshop.

The workshop takes (usually) 1,5 to 4 hours and is suitable for a broad audience. Usually there are 5 – 15 participants and we’ll improve one or two cases.

The case and the datasets to be discussed will be drawn up in consultation with you. We’ll use data from within your organisation, from other organisations, and publicly available data.

The workshop will be tailored completely to the demand within your organisation. A few weeks in advance we’ll discuss with you which data ideas there are and what problems you’re facing. We’ll further develop these ideas into one or two cases that are unique to your organisation.

We’ll also map which datasets we can use. This can be data from within your organisation or from other organisations if the data is publicly available. The datasets will be developed into the card game that we’ll use during the workshop.

The workshop is accessible for a broad audience:

  • For business and IT
  • For optimists and pessimists (indeed: if both are present, we’ll achieve the best results)
  • Definitely for everyone who is (strategically) involved with the solution.

Are there no ideas within your organisation for using big data?

Create one with our Big Data Workshop.