We are Landscape
and we can help to increase your data impact

We are Landscape
Data is the oil of the 21th century: the economy's motor.
Data is for everyone
Data can result in higher efficiency, better quality and lower costs for virtually any organisa­tion.
We approach projects as if they are our own and will not stop until you achieve the desired result.

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Proven track record

Read here how, using data, we succesfully achieved significant business value for our clients. This is a selection of our previous projects.

Creating data value usually consists of three steps: creating a strategy incorporating data, exploring the possibilities using data science, and developing web apps to actually deliver that value.
  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Data cleansing
  • Data interpretation

Using data science, one can explore the potential of data sets. It is an inter­disciplinary science involved with data analytics, interpretation and data visualisation. Landscape has a team of talented data scien­tists who are dedicated to help you transform your organi­sational data and our wild ideas into valuable business assets.

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  • Data strategy
  • Concept development
  • Web apps
  • Visualisations

An idea becomes valuable once proven valuable. We are experts in assessing data-related ideas. This involves assessing the impact on the business strategy, verifying the quality of the datasets and experimenting wih the best ways to visualise the results. Built on the flourishing open source ecosystem, our products are using state of the art tech­nology.

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  • Rules & guidelines
  • Organisational support
  • Managerial involvement
  • Data governance scan

Investing in software and in data is great, but most organisations forget to properly govern it. Sufficient data governance lowers costs and results in a higher chance to achieve strategic goals. Data governance includes for instance an overview of data assets, guidelines for measuring data quality, and managerial accountability for data

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How we work

In executing projects, we have a strong entrepeneurial mindset. This means we are intrinsically motivated to improve your concept, rather than simply execute an assignment. Importantly, we strongly value a trust relationship with our clients. Behind all this is the drive to form a bridge between IT and business.

All of Landscape's employees have academic backgrounds and therefore know how to tackle complex problems. We have close connections to the academic world and are affiliated with the Leiden Centre of Data Science at Leiden University.

Landscape is affiliated with Leiden University's Leiden Centre of Data (LCDS)

Blog: Society's datafication

11 May April 2016

ICTU, a Dutch government instance that supports other government organisations with IT, interviewed Landscape's co-founder Lucas van der Meer on society's datafication and the role of proper data governance in getting the most out of data.

Datafication means that the world is relying more and more on data to operate. An example are the pre-filled tax forms, tax return sheets filled out automatically based on clever data usage.

The Dutch government is a 'mega data owner' and its data can be used to make processes more effective and efficient. Current data technologies create new chances to do so, but the question that remains is: how should we do this exactly?