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Landscape is a data science bureau from Leiden that generates value and impact from data, using image recognition, deep learning and natural language processing and other machine learning techniques.

Proven track record

Significant business value for our clients.
Achieved with data.

Workshop for charities and NGOs
Introduction to Big Data

Workshop for charities and NGOs

What is Big Data? What is AI, and what's it all about? Different aid organisations came together to learn the basics, reason about data and gather great ideas.
Learning to use Deep Learning
In-depth training

Learning to use Deep Learning

How do I make an AI from data? How does a neural network, natural language processing or image recognition work? Our intensive training gave the client the skills they needed.
Sensor data in clinical research
Smartphone and smart watch

Sensor data in clinical research

How can we use wearables in clinical research? Together with our client we're developing AI models that can diagnose patients from sensor data alone.
Auto-classify medical procedures
Reduce administrative burden

Auto-classify medical procedures

Hospitals need to assign codes to procedures performed on patients. Doing this manually is expensive and error-prone, so we built an AI model that classifies hundreds of thousands automatically.
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We solve complex business problems with data while keeping things as simple for you as possible.