From idea to solution

Whether you have small or big data and AI ambitions, with a clear or more general question: if you want to start leveraging your data and AI, we can help!

Starting with data en AI

Discover your data and AI potential

More and more organisations are going data driven. AI is an increasingly hot topic. But what can you really do with it? Is it for you? When can you start with it and how? We will gladly answer any questions you may have, most importantly...

"Is Artificial Intelligence useful for my organisation? And if yes, how?"

Together we will find out if this is the case. Through a short conversation or an elaborate workshop – depending on your wishes, foreknowledge and/or the complexity of your processes – we will map where your AI opportunities lie.

As inspiration and/or as the start of your journey to a human-centered, data driven organisation.

Want to know where your AI potential lies?

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Learn more about data and AI

Adoption starts with understanding

Not only at the start of your 'AI journey' it's important to know what you mean when talking about AI. This is also essential while developing and using it.

Do your employees, colleagues or superiors know what you are (planning on) working on? Do they know what the impact on them will be? Don't forget to include them for optimal understanding and acceptation.

From basic to specific AI knowledge

Before, while and after developing AI solutions, we host knowledge and inpiration sessions when, where and for whom necessary. From the MT to the data scientists. Everything that's needed so your organisation can create optimal value with AI.

For example:
  • What is AI exactly?
  • AI in practice: what to look out for?
  • Explainable AI
  • AI & Privacy
  • AI in [healthcare, industry, media, administration, ...]
  • Machine Learning (ML) techniques like Deep Learning, Active Learning, Federated Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks, etc.
"The cooperation with Landscape exceeded all our expectations. The results are very promising and gaining insight in Machine Learning was valuable for future projects."
Isabelle Balzer
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Dive deeper

Determine & Design your AI approach

A cool AI idea is sometimes not more than that: 'a cool idea'. Sometimes it simply can't be realised or add the expected value. But sometimes it can!

This depends on a lot of conditions: your data, your people, your infrastructure, your processes, the law... If you forget to take these conditions into account, the chance of a new AI solution really adding value is a lot smaller!

"It would be a pity to invest in an AI solution to later discover that it is not applicable in practice."

That is why it is important to first determine what these conditions – and the true challenge – are.

Start with a Solution Design

In the Solution Design phase, we will – together with you – dive deeper into your organization and applicable data science techniques. Its goal is to be able to give a better approximation of the scope of your challenge as well as a possible solution.

Aspects we dive into, include:

  • The concerning processes
  • The data
  • The users, their method of use and wishes
  • Underlying theories
  • Infrastructure and access
  • Sector and specialisation specific conditions

Based on these insights we can make a plan of action and project estimate so we can transform the most valuable, realistic ideas into working products as quickly as possible.

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Feasibility knows many forms

Start with a PoC directly?

Feasibility doesn't only depend on your data and techniques. It depends on a lot more. We see way too often that organisations start wrangling data without a plan. To see if they can get cool insights from them randomly. Or to see whether a technique works, without thinking about it's application in the real the real world. Our tip?

"Don't just start data wrangling."

First identify what the conditions of your processes, people and infrastructure are. *Then* you can start playing with your data.

"Landscape thought along well with us, always keeping the character of our organisation into account. We of ARTIS are really happy with the expertise that Landscape brought to put data at the forefront of our organisation."
Janne Lambermont
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Start coding

Develop valuable AI solutions

Convinced by the the plan? Our data scientists can't wait to get to work for and with you. Together with your team – from business to engineers and also data scientists – we develop the AI and ML models that you need. We do this in an agile way, so we efficiently work on the solutions that create the most value with the least risk. From proof of concept to operational AI implementation. Always with an eye on safe and friendly use!

With state of the art data science

While we are young of heart, we have been working in data science for quite some time. We have experience with different types of data (text, sensor, image, ...) and work with different data science techniques that are applicable in multiple sectors, like:

Without unnecessary complexity

Even while we love working with the newest and coolest techniques, we find it more important that you get the solutions you need as simply and efficiently as possible. More complex is not always better! We will always compare simpler and complexer techniques and advise you on the best approach.

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"One size does not fit all"

Custom solutions for true value

Like we say often: "AI is not smart." Even most of the 'state of the art' techniques can only teach a computer to learn very specific tasks. Based on specific situations and specific data. And since every organisation is different, has different processes and possesses different data, it is hard (if it is even legal) to reuse existing models 1-on-1.

That is why we will always deliver custom solutions. So you only get what completely suits you.

With thorough knowledge we can reuse

By solving quite some challenges in different sectors over the last years, we have built up a broad knowledge set and toolkit. Best practices, learnings and code that we can use to help you develop what you need.

To responsibly tackle new challenges

Besides that we love to challenge ourselves and never settle for 'it works so it must suffice'. We really value explainability and will always continue until we master every technique.

Which you can profit from!

"With Landscape's help service centers of Leiden University got a grip on concrete opportunities for implementing AI and data science in their work. Landscape does a good job in helping you formulate business cases for actually bringing AI into practice."
Pim Overgaauw
Leiden University
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