Data science involves all aspects needed to extract value from data, including the data analytics itself, interpretation, cleaning, data visualisation and explanation.

Techniques we master include machine learning, neural networks, text mining, web scraping, and clustering.

All of our work is built on the flourishing open source ecosystem, our products are using state of the art technology and work on every operating system.


We help teams and organisations realise what opportunities exist and how to attain them. What is the next step with data for you? Discover new opportunities and transform your business.

Big Data Workshop

Explore the possibilities of data within your organisation.

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Data Solution Workshop

Transform ideas into real life solutions.

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  • Machine learning
  • Neural networks
  • Data cleaning
  • Data interpretation

Analytics truly lies at the heart of data science, and is key to discovering useful insights. With Machine Learning, we build models that learn the patterns in your data. For example, such a model can be used to predict when a user would cancel their subscription and what actions you could take that would prevent this. Another model could be used for predictive maintanance, learning patterns in your maintanance and predicting when a system was up for inspection before it actually breaks.

We have extensive knowledge in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Image Analysis, Natural Computing, and Neural Networks and put these to good use to derive useful insights from our clients' data sets.


  • Concept development
  • Desktop & mobile
  • Fresh design
  • State of the art

To have the most impact, to drive the most change, the results of an analysis should often be presented to a wider audience. Ranging from a first step, like a proof of concept app, to a full-blown advanced platform with bells and whistles, we can take an active role in designing what you need to have data and knowledge reach their full potential in your organisation, and manage every step of its implementation.

The simplest way to have applications run on every platform — including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android and iOS — is to build it as a secure web-application, which can run smoothly in any browser. For this we use React, NodeJS, MySQL and Docker, among others.

Happy humans

  • Employee acceptance
  • Big data game
  • Business case
  • Data governance

Intelligent software and smart algorithms are the basis for driving data innovation in an organisation, but they are not the whole story. Product acceptance from employees or clients, a data governance policy that aligns with what really goes on in the organisation, and a holistic vision for how data fits into the business model each further the impact that a (data) solution will have.

We offer additional services from a Data Governance Scan to assess opportunities and pitfalls, and a Big Data Workshop to show big data possibilities and to work on employee acceptance. These will help you adopt new processes quickly, and have your investment reach its full potential.