Our vision

With the start of the 21st century, the information age started. Using data, virtually any organisation can obtain significant business value, ranging from competitive advantage to increases in efficiency and from higher customer satisfaction to improved business integration. The possibilities are endless. Will you take this major opportunity?

Create value

Data is like a goldmine...
You have to know where to dig.

Data is truly a goldmine. We know exactly where and how to dig, obtaining significant business value. Just some examples of how we have accomplished this are optimising traffic, an independent IT environment problems and preventing unnecessary costs.

We believe that every company should incorporate data into its strategies and day-to-day operations in order to be able to act quicker, always be informed, and make better predictions. We also believe that the fear of (big) data is unnecessary when one knows what to collect, how to collect it, how to store, analyse and interpret it, and how to turn it into useful (strategic) information.

What we do for you

Data value for any company

Previously, powerful data analysis techniques were so complex and expertise was so costly, that only the largest companies could benefit from it. Times have changed and Landscape makes all techniques and expertise available to any organisation, regardless its size.

The incorporation of data (storage, mining, analysis) into the day-to-day operations is just as important for small companies as it is for large enterprises. No matter what the industry is: healthcare, agriculture, retail, finance, education, etc. can all benefit in a different way.

All it takes is knowledge about the possibilities, the technical side, how it relates to the business, and how the change should be managed. Landscape has all this knowledge.

Combining knowledge sets get you further

Internally as well as externally

Landscape, having a young, multidisciplinary team from Leiden University, with backgrounds ranging from computer and data science to business and political science, enjoys sitting together with companies - from startups to enterprises - and academia to get to know their business and collaborate in getting the most impact out of their (potential) data. This help can take the forms of concept development, data management, data analysis, data governance, strategy, change management and custom software development (e.g. dashboards) and implementation.

Watering a plant only once won't keep it alive

A good relationship makes for better results

We believe that every company is different and that in order to deliver good work, one should know the company well and not just deliver standard solutions. We like to consider ourselves as your data agency - your partner in data. We believe in co-creating and thinking along in a broader range of fields, from concept to strategy to implementation, rather than acting as a one-job, in-and-out third party, valuing quality over quantity.

This all starts with a cup of coffee (or tea, or soda, or beer) to get to know each other better.

Do not hesitate to email or call us anytime for a chat, question or view, without any commitments.

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