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Using a data governance scan to understand IT problems

Data governance

In order to effectively and efficiently use data, it should be properly governed. This field is referred to as data governance. Data governance programs help in agreeing about clear and responsibilities among data stakeholders positively affecting the efficiency with which data is processes and the effectiveness with which it can be used.

For these reasons, an IT-intensive bank asked us to asses its data governance. It was implementing a new data warehouse and wanted to know whether it was on the right track.

To assess the bank's data governance, we used a method we developed internally. Using a number of interviews with functions such as enterprise architects and business analysist, we quickly and efficiently gathered insight into the organisation's data governance.

After this, we answered an extensive data governance question sheet, from which the organisational scores were calculated. These were displayed in an intuitive chart, in order to easily spot strong and weak areas.

No score is always right or always wrong. Therefore, interpretation of the scores was critical. In doing so, we figured that before being able to use the new data warehouse, employees needed training in their role in the so called 'data value chain'. The bank was very happy with the results and took appropriate actions.

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